10 Best Superfood For Women

Food is an important part of pleasure. And getting — and staying — healthy can often be as simple as optimizing what we eat. But how do you know what to pick in a sea of endless grocery stores choices? How do we eat healthy and delicious?
Here are 10 of my personal staple foods to include regularly in your diet. This is not an exhaustive list: there are literally hundreds of amazing fruits and vegetables to choose from, many different nuts and seeds, beans, whole grains, and other foods that comprise an optimal diet. But these are the food “must haves” for maintaining vitality — at any age.
Enjoy these versatile and scrumptious foods on their own — a bowl of fresh berries, a handful of nuts, or a ripe avocado. Or transformed into a simple, delectable meal, for example, broiled salmon and sautéed kale with toasted walnuts. And of course, there’s one of my best food pals — dark chocolate!

Beans & Soy

There is a huge variety of delicious beans and legumes including kidney beans, pinto beans, black beans, garbanzo beans (chick peas), and lentils, to name a few. Soybeans can be eaten as tofu (silken, soft, firm), edamame, tempeh, and soymilk. All are dense sources of high quality protein, carbohydrates, and nutrients including iron and calcium, both of which are especially important for women’s health. Beans are high in fiber and low in fat, and are rich in phytoestrogens. Beans also contain something called “resistant starch” which helps us to burn fat and control blood sugar. Beans take a long time to cook, which is not always convenient; canned beans are a good alternative to cooking them yourself. Cooking your beans with cumin can prevent you from getting gas. They can also be eaten as spreads and dips (hummus is perhaps the most famous of these).


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